Let’s roll…

It’s been a while since I thought of joining the rambling club.

But it just never happened.

There was never a good time. Well, actually – there’s never ANY time at all! But it’s probably time to deal with that differently now. I realized that even if my days were to be 30 hours long, I would still be whining about never finding enough time. How much is “enough” anyway?

Well, something’s gotta give. And not everyone’s going to get. Between this all – I need to make time for things and people that mean much to me. Trust me – there aren’t too many of those.

It’s funny how years pass by, and suddenly, you find yourself mindlessly steering in a direction. Next up – inconsequential questions. “Did I really find this place on a map and drive towards it?”. The way I see it – there’s nothing to mull over really. As long as one decides to stick their neck out and course correct. Find new routes, and places to be. Hopefully the drive comes with a view to kill.

Guess we’ll know now…

It’s time to roll!

*Turns up the music*

I dig my toes into the sand 
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds…strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind…pretend that I am weightless. And in this moment I am happy


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